About TG Fresh Foods

TG Fresh Foods is a CT-based company that uses fresh ingredients to create REAL food. Formerly a personal chef and tailgate caterer, the owner creates delicious recipes using organically grown vegetables and herbs from her personal garden.


Our Garlic and Cumin Pepper sauce is an extremely versatile, flavor-packed condiment with a kick.  This sauce is unlike any other condiment sold in grocery stores.  You simply add a little—or a lot—to vegetables, meat, pasta, potatoes, and more to create the level of flavor you desire, quickly and healthfully.  It is made with fresh vegetables and herbs that are roasted on site and then cooked into a sauce.  No preservatives, chemicals, or additives are used.  Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, this sauce is favorable to just about anyone.


All ingredients and packaging are sourced from CT, MA, RI and NY, supporting other small businesses.


Our flagship flavor, Garlic and Cumin Pepper Sauce, has some back-of-the-throat heat but not too much for a heat-rookie to handle.  Two more recipes are coming soon: Original Recipe Mild and Original Recipe Spicy. These recipes will not focus on the garlic and cumin flavors but will have a more cohesive flavor of vegetables, supported by a variety of spices.


Look for our TG Fresh Foods displays in grocery stores near you.

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